Make the menu sticky on mobile devices

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Sticky Menu Query

Please follow the steps at below:

Step 1: Open the style.css file on Notepad+ or any other editor, go to media queries section (my end line no 2890-2893) and remove the following CSS:

Step 2: Go to gbeaver/assets/js folder and open the gbeaver-scripts.js file. Now replace this existing code


How do you add widgets below the off canvas menu panel

GBeaver theme has inbuilt off canvas menu widget using which you can easily add off canvas menu panel on your site. Here we describe you to add the widgets below the off canvas menu.

Step 1: Registering a Sidebar

Open the functions.php file and add the following snippets at end of the file.

Step 2: Placing new sidebar below the off canvas menu

Again open the functions.php file and add this code there

Step 3: Adding “Off Canvas Menu” widget

Login to dashboard and navigate to Appearance -> Widgets page. Drag & drop the “Off Canvas Menu” widget at Header Right widget area. You can place it at any other widget areas.

Off Canvas Menu Widget
Off Canvas Menu Widget

Step 4: Adding widgets in new sidebar

Drag & Drop the widgets in Off Canvas sidebar like attached screenshot

Widgets in Off Canvas Sidebar

All procedure is completed now. Refresh your home page and see the output

Widgets Below Menu
Widgets Below Menu