How do you create the widgetized home page?

Make sure that you already created the customize-gbeaver folder inside the wp-content folder and put the custom-functions.php file into customize-gbeaver folder. See the instruction at below:

Step 1: Creating widget areas for Home page. Open the custom-functions.php file and add the following PHP code at end of the file:

Front Page Widget Areas

Step 2: Adding widgets into widget areas based on site requirements.

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Drag&Drop the widget into Front Page widget areas

Step 3: Creating new file page_wdgt_home.php and put into customize-gbeaver folder. Now add the following snippets:

Step 4: Creating a page and setting as static front page.

  1. Navigate to Pages -> Add New
  2. Enter Title
  3. Select “Widgetized Home” from Page Attributes -> Templates drop down
  4. Select “Full Width” Genesis Layout
  5. Enter unique class name for home page into Custom Body Class input box. So you can add CSS for home page only (if require)
  6. Hit on Publish button
  7. Navigate to Settings -> Reading page
  8. Select “A static page (select below)” radio button
  9. Select your home page from Front page: drop down list

You will add the CSS based on your site design.

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