Repositioning Menu

For re-positioning the menu, you do not require any code. You can easily move the menu from theme options page.

Primary Menu


There are two options for moving Primary Menu. You can move it either above or below the site header:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard -> GBeaver
  2. Expand the Menu Settings Panel
  3. Select an option from Reposition Primary Menu drop down list. The default option is set as After Header.
  4. Add the priority. Default is 10.

Secondary Menu

For re-positioning the secondary menu, there are 6 options: Header Top, Before Header, After Header, Before Footer Widget Areas, After Footer Widget Areas and Below Footer.

  • Navigate to Dashboard -> GBeaver
  • Expand the Menu Settings Panel
  • Select one option from Reposition Secondary Menu drop down list. Default is Before Header.
  • Add the priority. Default is 12.

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