Beaver Template Inserter

GBeaver theme is built for Beaver Builder plugin. So, this theme provides a widget and a module for Beaver Builder templates. Using this, you can add the Beaver Builder templates at any place on your site, easily and quickly. Please find the procedure below:

  1. Install the Beaver Builder Plugin and activate it
  2. Activate the Add/Edit Templates option (Settings -> Pages Builder -> Templates)
  3. Create the template(s) from Dashboard -> Templates -> Add New ( if there are no templates)
  4. If you wish to add the BB templates in widget areas or sidebars, drag&drop the “Beaver Template Inserter” widget and select the template from drop down list.
  5. If you’re using the Page Builder and want to add a template to pages, you should use “Template Inserter” module under WP Beaver World category
Beaver Template Inserter
Beaver Template Inserter

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